First, You Gotta Begin

The sermon topic was “Finish Well.”

We all want to hear “Well done, good and faithful servant.” But as I listened to Jeff’s discussion about crossing the finish line with integrity, I couldn’t help wondering how many folks in the audience were still in the starting blocks.

I spent this weekend talking to people about the FREEDOM TOUR. I’m always struck by how many gaze wistfully at the maps, wondering if they could, wondering what it would be like. I also struck by how quickly most folks decide they can’t, how easily the fear of beginning overwhelms the dream and precludes any opportunity to finish well.

Want to finish well? First, you gotta begin.

We’ve never had someone commit to a ride, do the training, and fail to finish. I believe Jesus honors the commitment and journeys with us, but He can’t do that while we sit at the starting line. He’ll lead you to places you can’t imagine, but you have to take that first step.

Of course I want you to join us on the FREEDOM TOUR team. You can ride a bike. Or volunteer. Or be part of a tour support team. Or donate. Of course I hope you’ll visit the website, get inspired, and jump in.

But if the FREEDOM TOUR isn’t for you, please finish well at whatever big dream God’s inspiring you to follow. Do the work. And, whatever it is…


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