We Needed Air!

Posted on: January 29, 2019 Posted by: Rich Comments: 0

We Needed Air!

On a bike tour, a broken tire pump is a big deal.

High-pressure tires are inflated every day. Six weeks into our 1500-mile Mississippi River Tour, our pump broke. Becky stopped in a bike shop, explained what we were up to, and asked about a repair.

They shook their heads – the old pump was toast. Then the owner, quite unexpectedly, handed her a very nice brand new pump.

“Please take this,” he said. “We’d like to support what you’re doing.”

Seven years later – that pump has inflated thousands of tires. One simple, small act of generosity has reached far beyond its original vision and made life a bit better for hundreds of cyclists.

That bike shop owner had no idea the impact his gift would make. He doesn’t know, all these years later, that he’s STILL supporting our efforts.

That’s how generosity works – you give with no strings attached and the ripples go off into corners you never imagined and will likely never know about or understand.

Sometimes we think what we’re doing isn’t enough, but that sort of “logic” puts us in charge and takes God out of the process. He uses and magnifies our efforts in places and ways we’ll never understand on this side of eternity.

Of course we have a role in the story. Jesus invites us to do our part, to work hard and to seek justice wherever we can. He’s also clear about who’s in control of how it turns out. (Hint: it’s not me – or you!)

The invitation is simple, and difficult.

Walk with Me, do your best, and trust God for the outcome.