Ever Meet A Hero?

Posted on: January 30, 2019 Posted by: Rich Comments: 0

Ever Meet A Hero?

I met a hero last weekend.

She confronts brutal, deadly, highly organized criminals on the front lines of the fight for justice. I can’t tell you her name, or show you a photo, or reveal where she works. Doing so might increase the danger she already confronts each day.

Prosecutor? Judge? Police officer? Good guesses.

This courageous woman goes to the streets, brothels, high-end businesses, and detention centers where people buy and sell people. She offers a different path, a way out, a journey of rescue-and-restoration.

Stop for a moment. We give it a clean-sounding name – human trafficking – but it’s *people buying and selling people* for sex or for labor. It’s slavery and it’s a scourge and it’s happening all over the world and in your town. And it’s a well-concealed, multi-billion dollar organized criminal enterprise, which is why my new friend is a target.

Doesn’t stop her, though. She keeps moving forward, putting her arms around one terrified young woman and child at a time, doing her best and trusting God for the outcome. She’s following a God-sized dream that hearts will change and lives will be restored and perhaps, one day, people will stop buying and selling people.

For me, it’s difficult to avoid anger and bitterness when I see the scale of this evil, when politicians use “human trafficking” as a bargaining chip issue, when law enforcement targets victims and ignores the buyers and sellers. I lean toward hopelessness and depression.

Then I watch this bright, courageous, compassionate woman who shines Jesus’ light into this horrible darkness and faces down evil with His calm assurance and resolve. I hear her faith in God’s provision and timing.

And I remember our kids and the HOME OF HOPE. I see their smiles and imagine the possibilities before them. I recall the encouragement to “not become weary in doing good” while trusting God for the timing of the harvest.

I remember, and resolve to move forward, to keep cranking, to continue encouraging you to join us. We can’t all be heroes, but we CAN do what’s in front of us.

In fact, that’s all anyone can do.

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Lots of ways to get involved. Please click the link and see what’s in front of you. https://frontrangefreedomtour.org/