Just A Nudge

Posted on: November 13, 2018 Posted by: Rich Comments: 0

Just A Nudge

Seven years ago this week, we thought we crossed a finish line.

After eight incredible weeks, Becky and I completed our 1500-mile journey along the Mississippi River. Countless friendships and stories. Forty speaking gigs. $60,000 raised for Convoy of Hope. We were ready to celebrate, rest, and head home.


God clearly had other thoughts. Bigger thoughts.

That’s how it works. You and I see what we think is this big, awesome accomplishment, and God gently nudges us beyond our “finish line” toward something bigger and more awesome. Harder. Riskier. Scarier. Less comfortable.

For me, though, it was just a nudge, a quiet, persistent sense that we weren’t done yet. A sense that we were supposed to keep going. No details…we had to figure out the tours and the miles. But once we started a bunch of connections happened and here we are, seven years later, doing this thing called the FREEDOM TOUR.

Maybe that’s how it works. Maybe we’re looking for some big, clear signal about God’s plan, while all the time He’s planting a seed, softly prodding us toward the place where He can use our gifts and efforts.

I wonder how often, while we’re waiting for a shove, we ignore the nudge.