Freedom And Fun?

Posted on: November 15, 2018 Posted by: Rich Comments: 0

Freedom And Fun?

The FREEDOM TOUR is a lot of fun.

People sorta mock my personal tagline: It’s gonna be a blast! That’s okay.

We work and train earnestly. We’re serious about our mission because it’s literally life-and-death for our kids. We care deeply about doing well as we follow a God-inspired dream.

Lots of folks invest (time, talent, treasure) in our efforts. Church partners. Hundreds of financial supporters and sponsors. Dozens of volunteers. We do our best to act as responsible stewards.

Taking folks on the road is a big responsibility. Routes and cycling safety are considered thoughtfully.

Traveling this journey is important stuff, not a joking matter or something to be taken lightly.

Still, with so many dead-serious considerations, the FREEDOM TOUR is truly a lot of fun. If you look through our photo page you’ll see lots of smiles and laughter. It’s a consistent theme, one I’ve noticed beyond bike tours.

Following Jesus is intense, deep, and profound. But nearly always, among those who truly know Jesus, there seems to be an accompanying sense of fun, whimsy, and mischief.

I think about Jesus traveling as a young man for three years with His small group of close friends. Scripture records the serious stuff, teaching and parables and miracles. But during those years they walked together, sat around campfires together late at night, and I’ll bet it wasn’t all eternal wisdom stuff.

I’ll bet there were times for laughter and good-natured kidding. I’ll bet there were smiles. I’m sure there was some mischief.

Too often we describe Jesus only in sober, somber terms. Like our bike tour, it’s surely important to communicate the seriousness of His message. But Jesus described Himself as a shepherd. When a shepherd finds a lost sheep, He celebrates!

One day I’ll meet Him face-to-face. I don’t know what that looks like, but I believe on that day I won’t be confined any longer to a wheelchair. I believe Jesus will welcome me with a big hug.

I’ll bet there will be smiles!