When You Look Past The Hurdles

Posted on: July 3, 2018 Posted by: Rich Comments: 0

When You Look Past The Hurdles

Daryl’s determined.

We met him at Elephant Rock through a series of contacts. He’s a ride-a-lot-of-miles kind of cyclist who resonated with the notion of connecting those miles to a bigger story.

Daryl really wanted to join the FREEDOM TOUR ’18, but short notice and prior commitments created logistical hurdles. 2018 just wasn’t a possibility. A few days later we received an email and a proposal.

Daryl wanted to know if he could join us as a “virtual member” of the team. He would solicit sponsors, just like other riders. He’d track his miles and report progress regularly. Sponsors could donate a set amount or make a per-mile pledge.

Remarkable, isn’t it, how easily we find reasons why we can’t? And more remarkable still what we can accomplish when we look past the obstacles, determined to find ways to make it happen.

Daryl could have said, “Well, next year.” But he didn’t want to wait for next year. He knows our kids need help this year. He didn’t want to let another year go by, a year of simply accumulating miles, when he could make those miles count for something bigger.

So now he’s part of the FREEDOM TOUR. When he rides he’s surrounded by a circle – his donors and supporters, and now all of you as well. We’re all in this together, blessed to partner with each other and with God to support these precious kids.

“That’s a great cause. I’d really like to be part of it, but…”

Have you said that, maybe about the FREEDOM TOUR or something else? What’s the “but…” for you, the perfectly legitimate reason you stay on the sidelines?

What if you took Daryl’s approach, looked past the hurdles, got creative, and found a way to get in the game?

What if you refused to take “but…” for an answer?