Reckless Generosity

Posted on: July 5, 2018 Posted by: Rich Comments: 0

Reckless Generosity

We cycle on the shoulders of reckless generosity.

About 250 individuals and organizations donated (so far) to FREEDOM TOUR ’18. “Thank-you” doesn’t begin to express our gratitude for every contribution to support the kids at the HOME OF HOPE.

Sponsors are the foundation of any fundraising effort. We’re blessed with the support of numerous generous community organizations and leaders who believe the purpose of doing well is doing good.

Our 2018 Dream Sponsors are Yancey Food Services and Hageman Earth Cycle.

Greg Yancey was an original sponsor or our 1500-mile Mississippi River adventure, and he’s been with us ever since. His quiet wisdom and consistent encouragement have been a backbone of this crazy dream from the beginning. I can’t imagine how we could have done all the tours, speaking gigs, and fundraising without Greg’s support, guidance, and constant reliance on God’s direction.

Greg and Ellen are also amazing hosts, generously opening their home for gatherings and events to support a range of important initiatives.

Roger Hageman is a big guy with a bigger heart. He supports us financially, but we value most the example of his prayers, love of people, and incredible faith. Roger’s one of the folks who keeps us on-track and on-mission.

One day he’ll join us as a cyclist – motorcyclist, that is. Until that happens, Roger and Peggy are central members of the FREEDOM TOUR family.

Sponsors don’t join the FREEDOM TOUR for the benefits or the exposure. Roger and Greg aren’t getting anything back for their donations, but they’re not transactional guys. They give without an agenda.

We’re grateful.