What’s With All The Smiles?

What’s the deal with all the smiles?

After two days and more than 110 miles in nearly 100° heat, you might expect something else. You might expect some grumbling. You might expect Why did I let you talk me into this? These folks are doing a hard thing, and you couldn’t blame them if they did a little bit of complaining.

But mostly I see smiles.

Some of it, I suppose, is simple self-satisfaction. After all, they are doing this hard thing, and they’re doing it well, and they’re doing it together. They ought to feel good about that.

And perhaps some of it is just that they’re happy to be done for the day. They’re finally out of the heat, showered, and getting some much deserved rest. It’s enough to make anybody smile.

But I’m pretty sure these smiles come from a deeper place. I’m pretty sure they’re smiling because they know they’re part of a team that’s doing something important. Something more than just a bike ride.  Something with eternal consequences. I think they’re smiling because they know somewhere deep down the sweat and the perseverance is accomplishing something that will last beyond the finish line.

These aren’t elite endurance athletes.Their bodies and minds aren’t trained for this sort of endeavor. They’re tired. And sore. And not looking forward to the next big climb.

But despite all that, they’re smiling. There’s something about following this sort of crazy dream with like-minded people that just feels good.

I’m grateful for the dedication and sacrifice. Their friendship makes me smile.

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