Comfort Or Sacrifice?

Posted on: June 28, 2018 Posted by: Rich Comments: 0

Comfort Or Sacrifice?

I often write what I don’t fully understand.

I talked a few days ago about shared sacrifice. a couple of conversations revealed that it was a cool-sounding phrase but I couldn’t explain what I meant when I used it.

Turns out I believe sacrifice happens when someone steps beyond their comfort zone. Our tour is filled with all sorts of sacrifice.

Cyclists ride with a group, so they often ride faster or slower than normal in heat or cold. Not comfortable.

Day after day, after 50-60 miles of riding we unload trailers, eat unfamiliar food, sleep on church floors in a big room with other people, load trailers, and repeat. Not comfortable.

We begin as strangers and become close friends by sharing our stories. It’s a great feeling, but vulnerability is never comfortable.

Some donated an amount of money beyond what’s comfortable for them. Many trained harder than ever, forsaking leisurely rides for the discomfort of hills and longer miles. They took time away from families and used precious vacation days to follow this dream.

So why do we do it? Why do we choose to step into discomfort?

A big part of it involves “shared.” It’s “shared sacrifice.” We’re in it together, we have each others’ backs. When everyone’s taking the risk, and when there’s a common purpose, it’s a lot easier to persevere.

It’s a great feeling to look around the circle each night at weary faces and know every person willingly sacrificed to get there because they believe in the mission.

I hope you’re pursuing a mission so big that it requires shared sacrifice.