Not Doing Whatever It Takes

Posted on: May 9, 2018 Posted by: Rich Comments: 0

Not Doing Whatever It Takes

A while back a friend told me he’ll do “whatever it takes” to promote and attract people to his event.

He believes in the cause it supports, so good results apparently justify “whatever it takes” to achieve them. I get it…when you’re passionate about feeding hungry children, rescuing orphans, or some other desperate cause, the overwhelming need dwarfs all other concerns.

Sometimes I look at the kids at our HOME OF HOPE, the horrific circumstances from which they were rescued, the long list of physical, emotional, and spiritual needs, the staggering financial cost of meeting those needs ($100,000 per year) – I look at that and think, like my friend, we ought to do whatever it takes to support them. Sometimes, I think that. Then I remember…

Saving these kids isn’t our job.

We’re not “bringing Jesus” to our kids…He’s already there, walking with them, comforting them, holding them in His hands. He’s caring for them in ways we don’t understand. He offers to us the opportunity to join with Him, to play a small role in allowing these precious children to live in the light for which He created them.

Seems to me, though, that walking with Jesus isn’t a whatever-it-takes-to-get-results deal. He’s clearly more concerned with doing right than with getting right results. 

I’m focused on doing the very best with the opportunities we’re given. For me that means creating a space in which members of our team have the opportunity to challenge their limitations and accomplish more than they imagined. Some of that’s about supporting our kids, a lot of it’s about working and sacrificing to be part of a story bigger than themselves.

We ride in amazing surroundings with wonderful people to support a worthy cause in a state filled with cyclists. I’ll confess – I’m a little mystified when more folks don’t clamor for a spot in this circle. But “who shows up” is up to God, not me.

If you’re feeling a tug on your heart, something urging you to join us, it’s not too late. We’ll accept late registrations subject to jersey availability, so check out the website. Ride a single day (June 16) or one of our tours.