Fear And Distractions

Posted on: May 11, 2018 Posted by: Rich Comments: 0

Fear And Distractions

Five years ago Becky and I toured the perimeter of Florida.

When I tell the story, someone always asks, “Weren’t you scared?” Intense traffic. Rude, inconsiderate drivers. Few (and narrow) bike lanes. Lots of old people. It’s true, Florida’s generally not all that bike-friendly. But scared? Seriously?

Cycling. Coast of Florida. February. I was having too much fun, far too busy following a God-sized dream to fuss about distractions and silly, extraneous, beyond-my-control issues. Wasn’t going to let a truck buzzing inches away destroy the joy of the journey.

That dream has led me to unexpected places, opened countless doors, brought remarkable people into my circle. I once believed the dream was a destination. Now I know what I wrote in the opening line of my book RICH’S RIDE. 

“A dream is a story waiting to be written.”

I once believed the “story” was a 1500-mile bike tour, that the narrative would end at the finish line in Now Orleans. Now I know that ride was only the opening chapter.

God-sized dreams don’t have finish lines.

So we followed the dream to Washington D.C. and Florida and lots of other places across the U.S., talked about the New Thing (Is. 43:18-19) God’s doing in our lives, raised some funds to help feed hungry kids. And it seems like that was all a setup, a prelude to the next New Thing.


On our D.C. tour we learned about the horrors of human trafficking. Didn’t know then that we’d come home a few years later, hang up a sign, and invite folks to join us on a new journey called FREEDOM TOUR. Didn’t know we’d learn about a HOME OF HOPE  7,700 miles away and a group of kids rescued from life as slaves in a brothel. Didn’t know we’d partner with Project Rescue to support them and help them live in hope and freedom.

I chose to ignore the truck – the distractions – and enjoy the road the stretched beyond the horizon.

I don’t know when it leads, but I trust the One who does.

What’s YOUR God-sized dream? What distractions try to take your eyes off the road ahead?