On Your Mark…!

It’s time to begin.

When the starter cries, “On your mark!” the runners know it’s time. Time to focus. Time to separate competitors from bystanders, those who think about running from those who run.

“On your mark!” means it’s time to step up to the line.

January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month. For the FREEDOM TOUR, the last weekend in January is a perfect time for “On your mark!” As we remember the injustice of modern-day slavery, we move forward into the reality of hope, in particular a HOME OF HOPE that serves children rescued from a life of sexual slavery.

We’re excited about FREEDOM TOUR 2018. New people to meet, new roads to explore, new insights as we walk with Jesus along this crazy journey. Here are some highlights:

Two tours will offer unique opportunities to join a community of friends who encourage each other to trust God, work together as servant leaders, and offer hope to others. We’ll sweat together and do life together in an environment that opens doors and hearts.

A re-configured FRONT RANGE FREEDOM TOUR (June 26 – July 1). We’ll still explore Colorado’s beautiful Front Range communities. Five riding days of about 50 miles per day hopefully will make this tour accessible to even more cyclists. You can do this tour.

A brand-new COLORADO MOUNTAIN TOUR (July 26 – 31). We’ll do a gorgeous loop: Buena Vista – Aspen – Glenwood Springs – Vail – Breckenridge – Buena Vista. Four riding days, three passes, and 19,000+ feet of climbing will challenge legs, lungs, and hearts through some of Colorado’s most spectacular scenery.

ONE-DAY COMMUNITY PROLOGUE (June 16) brings riders and volunteers together for a fun day of cycling and service. Two different routes provide riders of all abilities the opportunity to make new friends and support the kids at Project Rescue’s HOME OF HOPE.

We’ll also expand our partnership with Harvest Farm. Looking forward to leveraging the FREEDOM TOUR activities to support addiction recovery efforts of men involved in the New Life Program.

All of this is about building a community of friends who cycle to bring hope and freedom to kids rescued from human trafficking.

So…how can you join us? How can you step up to the line?

Sign Up

We’ll be at Timberline Church the next two weekends. If you’re in NoCo, stop by and see us (Saturday 5-6pm, Sunday 8-11:30am).

Visit the website ( http://frontrangefreedomtour.org/ ). Find the Sign Up tab and jump in.

Purchase A FREEDOM TOUR Jersey

If you cycle, a FREEDOM TOUR jersey is a great way to raise awareness…and your purchase supports the kids at the HOME OF HOPE. We have various sizes of previous year’s jerseys. Stop by Timberline the next two weekends or email for more info.

# # #

It’s time.

On your mark!