Adventure Or Disaster?

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Adventure Or Disaster?

It happened in 2013, and it’s still one of my favorite FREEDOM TOUR stories.

I did my best to research a route through the south Denver area, even called a local bike shop. The guy assured me the “Outlaw Trail” was great.

So imagine the surprise when the trail went from paved to dirt to single-track to non-existent. Imagine a team of folks with skinny-tired road bikes in a field with no cell service, climbing fences and dodging rattlesnakes and wondering what kind of idiot (me) chose this path.

Eventually they found their way across. We had a lot of laughs, and a wonderful memory was born. That, for me, is a big lesson. 

There’s a difference between adventure and disaster.

When you choose an adventure, the unplanned, unexpected stuff is often the best part of the journey.

I suppose if you’re doing space travel you don’t want surprises. Exploding oxygen tanks on the way to the moon are a few steps beyond “interesting,” but we’re not Apollo 13. We’re riding bikes, and a wrong turn won’t leave us marooned in space.

The more we do this, the more I’m convinced God speaks to us in the interruptions. I believe Jesus wants a chance to interact with us – on His terms, not ours – along the path. When we plan down to the last detail and refuse any deviation, we’re elbowing Him out of the process.

Doesn’t mean no planning at all, as disorder assures we’ll be too busy scrambling to stop and listen. Either extreme, rigidity or chaos, offers a recipe for getting caught up in our own activity.

Best, I think, is a great plan held loosely in open hands. Lots of organization (avoiding snake-infested fields) along with plenty of margin and a shared agreement that interruptions and detours are okay.

Thought experiment for you and me: Suppose Jesus dropped in, unexpectedly, on our bike tour, church service, job, vacation, life. How would you respond?

Would we ask Him to wait because we’re right in the middle of something really important?

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