Who’s Gonna Ride Along?

Okay, the ride begins in less than five weeks. It’s time to start filling in some important details.

Rich’s Ride will require support from many people in many different roles. Two essential roles involve direct support for the ride on a daily basis.


We’d like at least one person to ride with Rich at all times. You can commit to a week, a few days, or even a single day. Of course it’s fine if more than one rider accompanies Rich on a particular day, but we’d like to know that he won’t be riding alone if possible.

  • Expect plenty of time to see the sights. Rich typically averages between nine and ten MPH, so nobody’s going to have trouble keeping up.
  • We plan to ride about forty miles per day, ideally with rest days on Wednesdays and Sundays.
  • It’s not essential that riders be exactly with Rich at all times. It’s fine to ride ahead or behind a bit, as long as you’re within reasonable distance.
  • Since the hand cycle sits low to the ground, visibility is an issue. We especially need someone near Rich in places of high traffic or where road shoulders are narrow.
  • Simple cycle mechanics such as flat repairs are nice but not required. We’ll have cell phones and a support vehicle will always be a few minutes away.

We’ll need folks to help with general ride support such as loading/unloading gear, setting up for events, etc.

  • Becky would like to bike at least some of the route, so we could use help driving the support vehicle.
  • No special skills required—just a willingness to help with some of the routine logistical tasks.

You can check our tentative itinerary here (https://richsride.org/the-ride). If you can join us for a few days, please send Becky a note (becky@richdixon.net) and we’ll answer questions or work out the details.

PLEASE NOTE: At this point our sponsorship support doesn’t provide for volunteer support for food, lodging, and transportation.

I hope youcan join us. It’s going to be a blast!

Want to get involved with Rich’s Ride? Check here for some ideas. Send us a message, and consider riding along.
It’s going to be fun!

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