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I’m learning that an important part of releasing a book is accepting feedback. It’s a great lesson in humility. Every sentence of the story obviously means a great deal to me. Those fifty thousand words were written, revised, edited, and revised again in an attempt to clearly communicate my thoughts, …

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“If you’re going through hell, keep going.” ~ Winston Churchill Last night I spoke to a group of men at a drug/alcohol recovery center in Denver. Those guys know about adversity. I was struck by their overwhelming preoccupation with the past. In the process of acknowledging and owning their mistakes, they …

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Once you choose hope, anything’s possible. ~ Christopher Reeve I dislike the abrupt endings that characterize holidays. There’s all that time of preparation and anticipation, then the big day comes and goes and we flock back to the stores. Thankfulness suddenly turns to tragedy as bargain hunters trample the poor guy assigned …

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One reader emailed me with an interesting comment. She said she liked the book title but that the word “relentless” usually conveyed a negative connotation for her. Apparently she encountered the word mostly in less desirable contexts. I found her comment enlightening, especially since I’ve previously stated that “relentlessness” was …

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I guess it’s fashionable to write about thankfulness and gratitude this week. It’s too bad that we need a holiday to remind us of the incredible array of gifts we enjoy for which we need to be always thankful. I can’t possibly list the people for whom I’m thankful. But …

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Why Relentless Grace?

When I tell people I’ve published a book, their first reaction is something between skepticism and astonishment. Once the shock subsides, they usually want to know what the book is about. That ought to be a relatively easy question. After all, I DID write it. I usually mumble something about …

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Abundance or Scarcity?

I received one of those forwarded emails this week. I usually try to at least skim through them before hitting DELETE, and occasionally I am rewarded with a gem.

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The Perfect Title

One of the comments people make about RELENTLESS GRACE is that they like the title. I agree that the title perfectly captures the heart of the story, and I wish I could trace the precise process that created it. Frankly, I wanted to use Amazing Grace, but someone told me that …