Outside The Spotlight

Every production needs a spotlight.

One or two big, flashy stories get center stage. But the production succeeds because lots of people work unselfishly, often unnoticed, outside the spotlight.

A great production happens when all parts work together to create a story bigger than any of its pieces.

HOPE AND FREEDOM CHALLENGE is at nearly 45,000 miles. You’ve heard about Jon’s 100-mile challenge and Becky blasting toward 4,000 miles…and about me falling short of my goal.

You likely don’t know about Mary, who’s walked 255 miles, or Lesley who’s done 230 in Iowa heat/humidity. Doug & Jackie cycled more than 1,000 miles. Woody ran 288 miles.

These folks, and all the others, aren’t walking, running, and cycling to seek the spotlight. They do it because they believe every mile matters to the kids at the HOME OF HOPE.

They want to be part of a story bigger than themselves.

+ + +

Two weeks remaining to reach our 50,000-mile HOPE AND FREEDOM CHALLENGE goal. It’s not to late to click the link and be part of the story.


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