What If It’s An Opportunity?

Of course, it’s always an opportunity.

Schools are closed, but school doesn’t equal learning. Let’s be honest – the school structure of strict timelines bell schedules and worksheets and homework is more about crowd control. What if parents and kids read a good historical novel *together* about slavery? What if they discussed as they read, and then used Google to research when questions arise? What if the kids wrote a journal or blog to document their thoughts?

What if it’s a chance to learn about the science of DNA and viruses? Or the mathematics of exponential growth and how models like this one are created and used. What if kids and parents investigated some of the math, science, and history around previous pandemics?

Not saying it’s easy, but nobody said teaching and learning were easy. What if this is an opportunity to appreciate and reward the vital role of teachers?

Church buildings are closed, but the church isn’t a building. What if this is a chance to *be the church* rather than simply going to church? What if more people realize that Jesus doesn’t rely on professional staff and dedicated facilities. What if, when this subsides, people hang on to the idea that it’s not up to someone else, that we don’t need permission or a title, that we can seek justice without a program or a “ministry.”

What if more people stop farming out their theology (study of God) to “professionals” and use the time and information to re-examine and deepen their relationship with Jesus?

The FREEDOM TOUR *might* look a bit different. We’re still cautiously optimistic about riding bikes together in June & July. We’re proceeding on that basis, and we’re also thinking about options. What if this is an opportunity to be creative, to come up with better ideas, to bring our community together in ways we wouldn’t have imagined?

We must remember: Seeking justice isn’t an option or a luxury. We love riding bikes, but we’re not doing it for fun. For victims of injustice, this is serious stuff. The 22 kids at the HOME OF HOPE depend on us.

And of course it’s an opportunity to turn from despair, reject impossible, and believe in hope.

Because hope changes what’s possible.

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