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Suppose we all “seek justice.”

I believe if we did that, it would change the world. But I’m not sure that means what you think.

The FREEDOM TOUR won’t end human trafficking. I’m not sure all the anti-trafficking efforts, all the hard work and money and sacrifice, can ever END slavery and trafficking. God never says we’re supposed to get justice – that’s His job. Our work is to seek it.

In Kingdom terms, justice is a process, not a result.

Moses brought the law. The Ten Commandments, carved in stone, drew hard boundaries around what not to do. Centuries later, Jesus sat on a hillside and told His disciples (and many others) that the law was only a beginning. In The Beatitudes He talked about how to live a full, rich life. Humility, mercy, peacemaking, love for enemies weren’t carved in stone, they were intended to be written on our hearts – not to abolish the law but to fulfill it.

We love partnering with Project Rescue because they seek justice. They don’t barge in, guns blazing, to rescue people with force. Instead, they do the long, painstaking work of serving and forging no-strings-attached relationships in some of the most difficult places on Earth. They invest time, effort, and money, humbly reflecting Jesus’ love into the darkest corners.

They open the door and offer a safe path from darkness to light, hopelessness to hope, slavery to freedom. When people walk into the light, when they hand their children through the door, Project Rescue is there to provide shelter, counseling, education, vocational training, and a path to a life of hope and freedom.

It’s the way Jesus did it – one person, one child at a time. We’ve partnered with one Project Rescue safe house. Our 22 kids were born in a brothel. Now they live in freedom.

We won’t solve the problem. We do what we can and trust God for the result.

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