About Ten Years

Perhaps you’ve noticed I post less frequently.

Or perhaps you haven’t, which is part of the reason for this post. I’ve been wondering if this blog still serves a purpose. It’s not that I have nothing to say. I guess I wonder how necessary, or useful, it is for me to say it from this platform.

I’ve done this for ten years, and 2500 posts is a lot of words. When one does something for a decade, it’s worth asking why. Just-because-I’ve-always-done-it isn’t good enough.

In the end, I realize, like most authors, that I write first of all for myself. The process of putting thoughts and ideas “on paper” helps keep my journey a bit more focused and organized. Since those first journals that became the story of RELENTLESS GRACE, I’ve found a certain peace and calm in the writing process.

I share my journey with you because I believe in the power of community. I hope my words bring a little comfort or inspiration to someone who reads them. I believe God uses our connection in ways neither of us understands.

I don’t do this to make money or to build a big audience. I enjoy telling you about the FREEDOM TOUR, my cycling adventures, and some of my discoveries and stumbles as I follow Jesus. I try to keep it real, sharing the struggles along with the wins.

I’m grateful for your attention, for your feedback and comments, and for your support.

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  1. Lizbeth - November 12, 2019

    Thank you for your posts Rich.

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