Zoom In

Posted on: March 28, 2019 Posted by: Rich Comments: 0

Zoom In

That’s my house!

Ever look for your house on Google Maps? It’s kind of fun. At first you get something like this photo, a big maze of streets that doesn’t look much different than a map of any other neighborhood. But Google Maps has this amazing feature that lets me zoom in until I see fences, trees, and other familiar characteristics that distinguish my house from all the others.

Yesterday we took a “zoomed in” look at human trafficking. I told you about Owen and his lemonade stand, how he raised a bunch of money and awareness by doing the simple thing in front of him. I suggested that we could all Be Like Owen.

When we zoom in on a huge problem we can see its individual components. Rather than becoming overwhelmed by the enormity of the entire problem, we might see a smaller chunk we can tackle.

Instead of trying to “end human trafficking,” Owen zoomed in to his own neighborhood. He found something he could do, and did it.

At the FREEDOM TOUR we decided to zoom in on one safe house and one group of kids where we know we can make a difference. We can follow these kids, see their faces, and know their names (even if we can’t reveal them).

Our enemy wants us to zoom out on our problems. He wants us to see them from 30,000 feet – big and scary and impossible – so we’ll give up.

Jesus has a view of, and a plan for, human trafficking that’s beyond my understanding. He’s God and I’m not, so He asks me to trust Him for the big-picture view I can’t manage.

He invites you and me to zoom in with Him, to let Him guide us to a specific spot that matches our gifts and passions. Maybe that’s a neighborhood lemonade stand, maybe it’s riding bikes to support kids at a HOME OF HOPE.

Most issues are too big, too complicated, too hard…at least the ones that matter. Let’s not give up.

Let’s zoom in.