What’s The Plan?

Posted on: March 13, 2019 Posted by: Rich Comments: 0

What’s The Plan?

I don’t enjoy planning.

Some people have a knack for visualizing a project and organizing the details into a clear, workable timeline. I’m not one of them.

This personal weakness becomes more of an issue as the FREEDOM TOUR grows. I’ve been doing some combination of half-heartedly trying to get better and beating myself up about not getting there.

Then I ran across this bit of wisdom from my friend Bob Goff.

Everybody has a plan, but God is looking for people who know their purpose.

Bob Goff

Bob’s little gem helped me realize that there are two kinds of plans.

One kind is “I know exactly how this is supposed to happen and I’ll accept no deviations or detours.” That kind of planning leaves no room in the itinerary for Jesus’ guidance or divine appointments. Any interruptions to the pre-planned schedule become a source of irritation.

This sort of plan has only one purpose: follow the plan, no matter what. It’s this kind of inflexible micro-management I saw so frequently in classrooms, and it drives me crazy.

The other kind of planning works out the details in advance so the journey goes as smoothly as possible. The whole point is a clear mind that leaves room for Jesus to interrupt.

This is purpose-driven management, a framework that allows freedom and time for relationships and the kinds of interruptions of which lifetime memories are made.

Maybe you’re already clear about this. Or maybe, like me, you needed a reminder.

I need to plan better, and I need to ask for help from folks who are really good at it. Not because we need better plans.

Because we know our purpose.