One Brick Outta The Wall

“I’d run through a brick wall for you.”

It’s supposed to indicate commitment and enthusiasm, top-level motivation, a willingness to do the impossible. Kind of a silly image, though.

Running into a brick wall, on purpose, is a waste of time and effort. It’s a token effort that accomplishes nothing, aside from possible brain damage. Requires little in the way of discipline or investment or preparation.

If you’re into empty gestures, running into a brick wall might be for you.

Paul writes about running with discipline to get the prize. Jesus doesn’t want us to waste time shadow boxing…or running into brick walls.

Human trafficking and modern-day slavery looks like an impenetrable brick wall. Tens of millions of victims. Ruthless, highly-organized criminals. Billions of dollars. Tempting to either give up or incur brain damage throwing ourselves aimlessly at a seemingly impossible problem.

Jesus invites us, I think, to look for options. Tools, training, preparation, and discipline rather than empty, symbolic efforts. If you can’t blow it up, how about learning to use hammers and chisels to remove a brick at a time?

The HOME OF HOPE is one brick removed, a couple dozen kids rescued from sexual slavery and living in hope and freedom. The FREEDOM TOUR supports them, helping with education, food, shelter, and the opportunity to become healthy, productive adults.

I don’t know why God doesn’t blow up this entire, horrible, evil wall. Until He does, it’s not our job to curse it or beat our heads against it.

It’s up to us to do what we can to remove a brick or two.

January is National Human Trafficking Awareness Month. Great time to visit our website and join us.

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