About Purpose

Posted on: January 21, 2019 Posted by: Rich Comments: 0

About Purpose

Why do we do the FREEDOM TOUR?

We’re entering promotion season. Lots of conversations, and the question of purpose comes up a lot. You’re supposed to have an “elevator pitch,” a concise summary of what and why, but I’m not sure those polished statements get to the heart of purpose.

Yes, we seek to attract a community around this notion of cycling, servant leaders willing to work together and trust God for the outcome.

And of course we wish to stand for justice, to do our part by supporting a couple dozen kids rescued from the horrors of sexual slavery.

That’s why we do it, but all these words sort of dance around the issue.

We want to help people see Jesus.

It’s that simple. Everything we do – everything – has to be aimed at helping others see Jesus. Riding bikes, cutting up fruit, raising funds, preparing meals, creating signs, designing routes, loading trailers…every one of the hundreds of tasks that go into making the FREEDOM TOUR happen, they all must move us toward that one single purpose.

And how do we weave that purpose into each activity? Jesus offered a single, simple practice. “By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”

Leadership, efficiency, fundraising, training – all that stuff matters. But we must do it, every single bit of it, with love. Otherwise, we’re just making noise.

And that sounds so nice, until I get out of bed and actually start dealing with imperfect people, like me, who don’t meet my expectations and do things exactly as I’m sure they should be done. Then I get impatient. And sarcastic. And cynical. And judgmental.

That why I write this…not because you need the reminder of purpose, but because I forget so easily and perhaps my own words will nudge me toward remembering.

And it’s why I need the FREEDOM TOUR community, to help me remember that this really isn’t about dollars or riding bikes.

It’s gotta be about loving people. Otherwise, it’s just noise.