Just Do It?

Posted on: December 17, 2018 Posted by: Rich Comments: 0

Just Do It?

Folks join the FREEDOM TOUR with all kinds of backgrounds.

Some have done multiple tours and have tons of experience with group cycling. Others have never been part of a group ride.

We love that variety. It’s a blast bringing people together and watching them become team. It’s a process, though, and we’re intentional about it because we want everyone to have fun and because we care about safety.

There are different ways to learn about group riding. Read articles. Watch videos. Learn the basic group riding rules. But you can’t become a really good group cyclist by studying. It’s great to know the rules and practice the hand signals. but all that knowledge can’t replace experience.

At some point you need to actually get out and ride with other cyclists. You have to sweat and get dirty and even risk a crash or two.

I looked at the baby in our nativity scene this morning. I thought about His invitation. “Follow Me.”

I know a lot about Jesus. I’ve read books, listened to sermons, studied scripture. All good things, I suppose, but I wonder if they’re ways of dancing around His call.

He didn’t tell me to study Him. He invited me to Follow.

I think knowing Jesus is a bit like group cycling.

Studying is good. Learning is good. But at some point, to really know Jesus, I’m likely going to sweat and get dirty and risk a crash or two.

The only way to follow is to actually follow.