It Doesn’t Matter. Until It Does.

Posted on: December 28, 2018 Posted by: Rich Comments: 0

It Doesn’t Matter. Until It Does.

“It’s not about dollars.”

We say that a lot about the FREEDOM TOUR, and we’re serious. We’re about building community, following Jesus, doing justice.

I spoke recently with Jonathan Barrett, CEO of Project Rescue. He agreed…it’s about the work, about educating, supporting, and building a couple dozen kids into whole, healthy adults. “Doing that work, being the hands and feet of Jesus, is what’s important. We always try to keep our focus on Him.”

“But,” he said, “doing the work requires dollars.”

Of course. Tuition and uniforms, books, food, housing, medical care, transportation, counseling…in the real world, those cost money. The essential work isn’t about dollars, but without dollars the work can’t happen.

I’m fond of saying that Jesus doesn’t need our money because He’s perfectly capable of directing resources wherever He wants. However, I’ve noticed that He doesn’t generally drop piles of money from the sky onto places like the HOME OF HOPE. He usually provides through the efforts of imperfect people, by stirring their hearts into a spirit of generosity.

Of course Jesus doesn’t need us…He doesn’t need anyone! But perhaps He’s offering an opportunity to you and me and the FREEDOM TOUR, an opportunity to follow Him and become part of His plan for providing hope and freedom to these kids.

Hard-sell fundraising isn’t my thing. I believe Jesus brings into our circle the folks He wants to be here. My job is explaining the opportunities.

If year-end giving is in your plans, our kids would appreciate your support. You can visit our website ( ) and click the DONATE tab. Every dollar goes directly to the kids at the HOME OF HOPE.

While you’re at our website, why not check our our 2019 tours? Maybe this is your year to see what Jesus might do when you step beyond your comfort zone.