Preaching To The Choir

Posted on: October 25, 2018 Posted by: Rich Comments: 0

Preaching To The Choir

Turns out, preaching to the choir is the only way that makes sense.

The folks in the choir already signed up and bought in. They’re curious about your ideas.  They’re willing to listen, might even want your advice and guidance.

Your ideas and input can be of incredible value. But only those in the choir, the folks who’ve already stepped into the circle, will take them seriously.

The others? They may not believe what you believe. They may not share your values. Preaching at them mostly wastes their time and yours.

Doesn’t mean we ignore them, write them off, discount or marginalize them. They matter. We care for them and love them. It just means trying to change their minds, at least right now, isn’t especially effective.

Expanding the audience for your ideas isn’t about yelling louder or more effectively. It’s not about coercion or manipulation. It’s certainly not about hardening defenses and demonizing anyone outside the circle.

Most folks think they have to convince people before they’ll sign up. Doesn’t work like that. Mostly you gotta get ’em through the door…then, perhaps, you’ll earn the right to convince them.

Enrollment is the key. Once she joins the choir, she’s ready to listen. Until then, the goal ought to be making the choir an attractive place to hang out.

I can’t sing…my “choir” is a blog and a bike tour.

What’s yours?