Our Kids

Posted on: July 24, 2018 Posted by: Rich Comments: 0

Our Kids

Our kids.

That’s how I think of the children at the HOME OF HOPE, how I often refer to them. I’ve never met them, don’t know their names, haven’t listened to their personal fears and dreams. They’re no different than millions of children in difficult circumstances.

But, in my mind, they’re “our kids.” They’re on my mind as we prepare for COLORADO MOUNTAIN TOUR.

We – the folks in the FREEDOM TOUR circle – have a relationship, sort of like distant aunts and uncles, with our kids. Through the folks at Project Rescue we learn bits and pieces, what they can safely share, about our kids…their progress, their setbacks, school activities, when they have exams. In return we provide funding for a portion of their ongoing support.

But that’s not why they’re our kids.

They’re our kids because they’re God’s kids.

They’re our kids because Jesus loves them and cares for them and held them in His hand from the moment they were born in that terrible place. They’re our kids because He invited us to walk with Him in the amazing process of bringing them out of darkness and into hope and freedom.

I watched, like most everyone with a pulse, the horror of little kids separated from parents at the U.S. border and placed in camps. It’s not about politics or immigration policy or law-and-order. Simple human compassion, and Jesus, says we shouldn’t do that to children. Any children.

As I digested the terrible images, I thought about “our kids.” I thought about the awful things they’ve endured and the unspeakable life for which they were destined – not because of anything they did, but simply because they were born to (the world’s perception of) the wrong parents. And I’m grateful for the opportunity they have, and for our small role in supporting them.

Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world…

Those kids in the border camps are God’s kids, too. Jesus loves and cares for them. He’s held them in His hand every moment of their young lives. When He talked about seeing Him in the face of a prisoner or a hungry person, He was talking about these kids.

The FREEDOM TOUR can’t solve every problem, so we focus our efforts on our kids, the kids at the HOME OF HOPE. But we can’t ignore God’s love for every single child.

They’re all God’s kids.