Putting Perfection In Context

Posted on: June 5, 2018 Posted by: Rich Comments: 0

Putting Perfection In Context

A few folks from our team sported the new jerseys at last weekend’s ELEPHANT ROCK CYCLING FESTIVAL.

So begins FREEDOM TOUR 2018. For the next few weeks our house becomes a staging area for jerseys, food, coolers, bikes, flyers, posters, trailers, and all sorts of miscellaneous stuff. We’ll scramble to get everything ready, and I’m sure only about this:

It won’t be perfect.

Doesn’t matter how hard we try. Someone, most likely me, will forget something, miss a detail, mess something up. Somebody will be frustrated because it wasn’t organized quite the way they would have done it. Someone, most likely me, will feel like a failure.

Happens every time, because we carry around this silly notion of perfection, which of course isn’t achievable anyway. So we struggle to meet every single expectation (some others’, mostly ours) and decide we’re inadequate when we miss an impossible-to-attain mark.

Today I’m reminding me, and maybe you, that God doesn’t expect us to do small things perfectly. He asks us to do big, crazy, outrageous, risky things. He asks us to take those risks with love and compassion and grace – for others AND FOR OURSELVES. Because when you do risky things, you’re likely gonna make a mistake or three.

We cycle to bring hope and freedom to kids rescued from human trafficking. The kids who benefit from this were born in a brothel!

Maybe I should focus on that, and stop obsessing about being perfect.