Now, What?

Posted on: May 28, 2018 Posted by: Rich Comments: 0

Now, What?

Saw a wonderful movie last week.

Godspeed:The Race Across America follows Jerry Schemmel and Brad Cooper on a remarkable 7-day, 3000-mile cycling journey. In a Q&A afterward, Schemmel reflected on Now, what? What do you do once you’ve completed such an epic adventure?

“I want to use this project to give God the glory.”

Nothing about Look at me, be amazed at my accomplishment, admire the good things I did, pat me on the back for the money we raised. None of the *all about me* that too frequently passes for leadership.

How can I give God the glory?

Jerry Schemmel’s the polar opposite of a “slacktivist,” the guy who shows up on social media to support a cause mostly to boost his own ego. Slacktivists are great at self-indulgent commenting, re-tweeting, and liking, but they rarely get much dirt under their own nails. Slacktivists don’t create, don’t take risks, don’t invest. No sweat, no sacrifice, no skin in the game.

Guys like Jerry Schemmel commit to the training and discipline required for a 3000-mile bike race. They persevere through physical, mental, and spiritual trial. They earn a platform and an incredible amount of influence. They hope to inspire others to follow God-sized dreams, but their whole purpose, the main reason for the platform and the influence?

To give God the glory.

During the next few weeks the FREEDOM TOUR team will come together for the ONE DAY PROLOGUE (June 16), the FRONT RANGE TOUR (June 27 – July 1), and the COLORADO MOUNTAIN TOUR (July 27 – 31). Our team isn’t doing a 3000-mile race in 7 days, but they’re not slacktivists, either. They’ll get sweaty and tired – they’ve got skin in the game.

Why do we do this? We’ll have a lot of fun. We’ll work and sacrifice together. We’ll help to bring hope and freedom to the kids at the HOME OF HOPE. We’ll raise awareness about the horrible crimes of modern-day slavery and human trafficking. Lots of reasons, but one central purpose.

To give God the glory.

There’s still time to join us. Check the website: