Only One Way To Sit Still

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Only One Way To Sit Still

I cranked my first handcycle 19 years ago – in March, 1999.

I’ve told the story before. Two blocks, thirty minutes. After a decade of inactivity, it wasn’t exactly a triumph.

I’ve also said God used the handcycle to inspire hope, to help me look forward rather than back. Maybe you wonder how that works.

I’m not sure, but perhaps it has something to do with motion.

Jesus promises to journey with us, to guide us on our path. Tough to guide or journey with someone who’s sitting in one spot. So maybe it wasn’t the handcycle itself, but simply the fact that I finally started moving, doing something – maybe that’s what God really used.

“There are many ways to move forward but only one way to stand still.” Franklin Roosevelt

Yesterday I wrote, “Courage requires stepping out in faith.” (Maybe not the best metaphor for a guy in a wheelchair?)

“Courage requires stepping…” Movement, action. Gotta do something, sitting around talking about it doesn’t work. God uses our smallest acts, even a ponderously slow two-block handcycle ride, to change the course of an entire lifetime.

Want to walk on water? We can’t just talk to Jesus, study Him, learn who He is. At some point, if we want to walk on water we have to STEP OUT of the boat.

# # #

The FREEDOM TOUR is a chance to make that move, take that step of faith. And maybe you’re thinking you’re not a cyclist, you’ve never done anything like this, whatever.

In 1999, I wasn’t a cyclist. I’d never done anything like handcycling, frankly thought it was a dumb idea. Two blocks, thirty minutes…and everything changed.

Don’t have a bike? Maybe that first move is *get a bike.* Haven’t done anything like this? Maybe that first move is *sign up.*

Join us! Your move.

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