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Why doesn’t everyone sign up?

I’m thinking about (what else?) the FREEDOM TOUR, but we’ve all wondered. That amazing story, that worthy cause. It’s an incredible opportunity. If they’d only stop and listen it would be so clear. Whatever “it” is, it’s an offer no reasonable person could refuse. So…

Why doesn’t everyone sign up?

Easy to assume they’re all missing the point. You and I, of course, would jump right in. We’d see it. We’d want to be part of such a remarkable story.

Well, not so fast.

Imagine living in a small village 2000 years ago, a village packed with visitors. Suppose some stinky shepherds wandered down a dark street telling a story abut a star and a manger and a baby they worshiped as the Son of God. A baby who fulfilled the prophesies about Messiah.

Of course we’d join the celebration. We’d seek out the child, fall at His feet. We’d likely be so inspired we’d probably sing “Silent Night” centuries before it was composed.

As Mike Glenn points out, lots of folks saw the shepherds but the little town of Bethlehem wasn’t overrun by folks singing carols and searching for a holy child. Lots of people saw the star, but only the Magi followed. Herod’s scholars knew where to send the wise men, but they didn’t go along.

Many people knew the story, but they didn’t believe.

“Believe” means more than knowing, more than simple agreement. It’s more than shouting “Yeah” from the safety of the crowd. “Believe” means changing behavior, getting some skin in the game, becoming part of the story.

“Believe” means you gotta sign up.

Obviously, everyone won’t join the FREEDOM TOUR (I hope YOU do!). But during the next few weeks we’ll be surrounded by trees and angels and colored lights. Easy to agree, to shout “Merry Christmas” and sing the songs and be part of the crowd. Easy to nod and smile when the story’s told. Easy to conflate wise men and Santa, reindeer and stable animals into one “nice” Christmas tale.

Will we believe, step out of our comfort zone, seek the child, and worship Him?

It’s the greatest story ever. Will we sign up?

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