Lots Of Pie And Bike Rides 1

Whew! What a weekend.

Food, family, football. And pie. Lots of pie. And thankfulness, of course. But now we’re past all that. Done with turkey and thankful; now, on to the shopping!

Seems like that always happens with big events. I notice it on the FREEDOM TOUR as well. We binge for a few days on community and hope while we ride bikes and then it’s tempting to set them aside and get back to real life. Can’t eat pie and ride bikes every day, after all.

It’s not about bike riding or food or football, though too often those become the focus. The idea, of course, is to develop and carry the core of the event beyond the celebration.

So, yeah, let’s check off another holiday and move to the next. Time for gifts, lights, and Ho Ho Ho. But when we leave the turkey behind, let’s hang on to the name of the day. Maybe we can’t gorge ourselves on pie or ride bikes all-day-every-day.

Let’s choose to make every day a day of thanksgiving.

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