It’s All Good (Or Bad)

Has to be one or the other, right?

Ever wonder why? Ever wonder why you and I assess every moment, choice, or action as good or bad, up or down, worthwhile or waste of time? Ever notice the constant evaluation and judgement?

Does it have to be good…or bad?

Lots of folks traveled a few weeks back to view the solar eclipse. I noticed in interviews and FB posts a consistent need to exclaim, “So worth the effort!” Almost like they needed to justify their decision, likely to those who wondered why someone would travel all those miles and spend all that time for an event lasting less than three minutes.

I cranked my bike for years without caring much about anything except distance. If I did the miles, that was enough.

Now an app tells me average speed, how many feet I climbed and calories burned. Suddenly a ride is better or worse based on those silly numbers, numbers I once didn’t know or care about. The same app tells me similar data about other cyclists, so now I’m disappointed because I’m not as good as my friends.

You’d say Just ignore the app. You’re right, and I’d tell you to stop looking in the mirror, staring at the bathroom scale, caring what others think…”

It ain’t that easy.

We’re constantly evaluating, comparing, judging against some standard. Seems everything involves a scoreboard, and once there’s a scoreboard it’s all about competition.

It’s one of those map/compass situations. I can look for a map, analyze how I got here, fuss about why I constantly fight a losing battle with my need to compete. Or I can seek True North and take the first step toward a healthier approach.


I did the ride. I appreciate the beauty, the exercise, the opportunity to get outside and sweat and be with other people. I’m fortunate to live in a city with great bike trails. Nothing about numbers or other people.

I enjoyed the ride. I’m grateful.

I trust that when I step toward gratitude I’m moving in the right direction. Even when I don’t know the entire journey.

It’s that simple, that powerful…and that difficult.