Who Needs A Second Chance?

Home 1The FREEDOM TOUR helps some kids who need a second chance.

Things didn’t go so well the first time. Mothers trafficked, living in brothels, not the sort of beginning any child should receive.

We get the opportunity to partner with the staff at the HOME OF HOPE and offer these kids a second chance. They don’t have to be defined by their past circumstances, no matter how horrific or degrading, because God is all about second chances.

I’m a lot like those kids. Though I’ve never been a victim of injustice and never lived in poverty, I need a second chance.

I wish I didn’t. I’d like to be the guy who made the right choices, who didn’t mess things up. I’d like to be the guy who doesn’t end up in the ditch, the guy who doesn’t need to course-correct and ask forgiveness. I’d like to be that guy, but I’m not.

I need a second chance.

Perhaps you do, too. Or perhaps you know someone who needs a second chance and isn’t quite sure it’s available, or deserved.

God is all about second chances, and I remembered this morning that’s why I started doing this. Before there were bike rides, I wanted to share a simple story of hope.

relentless-grace-imgHonestly, I wish RELENTLESS GRACE was someone else’s story. I’d rather write about a life devoted to courageously battling injustice while doing Ironman triathlons and becoming a super-generous multi-millionaire philanthropist known and admired for integrity, humility, and faith.

RELENTLESS GRACE is my story, but the book isn’t about me.

This book is about hope. It’s about God, about forgiveness, about promises made and kept even in the midst of grief and loss. It’s about knowing with absolute certainty that Jesus walks with us, that He knows our pain and fear and will help us not simply to survive but to thrive in the most difficult and overwhelming situations.

This book is about love so deep and wide that even His Son was not too great a price to pay for its fulfillment. It’s about love I’ve done nothing to deserve, freely given by grace.

RELENTLESS GRACE is, simply, a story of a second chance that reminds us we’re not defined by past circumstances.

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