Monte’s Thoughts About Trust

During week 2 of our Mississippi River ride, Monte offered some thoughts about trust.

Trust was a big deal on that journey. We were finding our way each day, trusting that God had a path prepared for us and that we’d discover it if we just kept moving.

It’s a lesson I don’t always carry with me. Re-reading Monte’s simple words reminds me of those weeks and the comfort that comes from leaning into a lack of worry.

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Rich Monte JacksonIt’s Monte checking in again.

We’re doing something called a “trip.” I don’t really know what that means, but I have noticed that lots of things are different.

I don’t have my nice cushy bed to sleep in. Don’t tell Becky, but that’s really not a big deal to me. But I am all about habits, and I’m sleeping in a different place every night.

Eating’s different, too. These days we get up at all sorts of times, and I don’t get breakfast right away. And at night we seem to eat a lot later.

And Rich takes me running in strange places. Doesn’t really matter, because he still has me leashed to the bike. I’d love to explore all those new locations, but it’s okay. I still like running with him.

So most things are different, but it’s all right. I know things will be okay, because I trust Becky and Rich.

They always feed me. I don’t know where the food comes from, but it’s always there. So if it’s in a new place or a little late I don’t get worried. I know they’ll feed me.

Same thing with sleeping—it’s weird to always be in a new place, but as long as they’re around I know it’ll be okay. And when Rich takes me running I just go wherever he goes. I don’t even wonder if it’s safe because I know he wouldn’t let me get hurt.

Becky and Rich talk a lot about something called God. I’m just a dog, so I can’t understand something that big. But if I did, and I really believed in Him, I think I’d trust God the same way I trust Becky and Rich.

Trusting them makes life a lot easier for me. I wonder why they don’t trust God like I trust them.

# # #

How about that last line? 

What would life be like if you and I trusted God like Monte trusts me?

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