The Courage To Take The Next Step

“I’m not sure where this thing is going.”

My friend and I talked over lunch as he shared uncertainty about the direction of his ministry. “There are so many moving parts, so much that’s beyond my influence, that I can’t really see how it’s all going to play out.”

Ever been there? (I see those heads nodding.) You really do believe there’s a plan, but none of what’s happening right now seems to point in any coherent direction.

When that happens, when you’re not sure about the destination, it’s tempting to simply stop and wait. Seems logical–don’t move until you’re sure where you’re going. But as we talked my friend and I agreed that waiting might not be the best option. We discussed some things we’ve learned.

Balance comes with movement

Our pastor describes the “bicycle principle.” It’s very difficult to balance a bike while sitting still, but as the bike begins to move balance becomes easy and natural.

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Life’s like that. We were created for movement. We were designed to take the next step, because that’s where we find balance.

Another version of the same idea…it’s easier to steer a moving vehicle. Course corrections are part of every journey, but you can’t make course corrections while sitting still.

I find the trail by riding it.

Then I look back and discover a path. And sometimes, projecting forward, I get a pretty good sense of where I’m going.

That’s why it’s important to remember. Sometimes the curation process brings remarkable clarity to the chaos of immediacy.

The next step isn’t the final step

We treat each choice as though it’s life-defining, but likely the next step is just the first of many on a long road. Hope is about confidence in the future based on faith. We travel with hope, trusting that God keeps His promises.

And if that’s so, maybe it’s best to get started.

# # #

This conversation came at a good time, because I’be been feeling a bit stuck as well.

We got the crazy idea to do TWO different FREEDOM TOURS in 2017 to celebrate our fifth anniversary. I bounced the idea off a few folks and got some positive feedback, so we decided to pursue it.

Then I began researching possible routes on the western side of Colorado and couldn’t find the “right” answer. At the time of my lunch conversation I was frustrated about not finding the right route so we could move forward with planning.

The next step isn’t the final step, Rich. As we talked I recalled all the times we’ve started a ride without knowing most of the details. At the start of this whole thing, when we began the Mississippi River trip, it seemed normal.

Maybe I need to remember. Maybe I need to trust and move forward with hope. Maybe if I take the first step and commit to the tour, start planning and sharing the dream, we’ll figure out a route.

# # #

You and I could waste a lot of time and energy waiting around for God to reveal the plan. Let’s commit to hope. Let’s commit to stepping out in faith, following the dream, and remembering that the first step is only the first step.

Where we start isn’t where we finish.

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  1. Jim klock - September 21, 2016

    A hearty AMEN!

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