About Those Stories

booksSo I wrote these two books.

I never intended to be a writer, but God leads me in some crazy directions. Seems like one day I was helping kids learn math and suddenly we were opening a carton of books titled Relentless Grace written by some guy named Rich Dixon. Not exactly certain how that happened, but it sure wasn’t my plan.

That book was the first step on a path that took me to a 1500-mile bike ride along the Mississippi River, a second book titled Rich’s Ride, and a whole new community called the FRONT RANGE FREEDOM TOUR.

Relentless Grace is a story of hope. It’s an invitation to believe that God doesn’t give up on anyone, that Hope Changes What’s Possible.

Rich’s Ride is the story of following an impossible dream. It’s the story of what happens when we trust God and step out of our comfort zone.

Looking For a Christmas Gift?

How about a good book? Who do you know who might appreciate an uplifting story of hope and second chances, or an inspirational tale of following a seemingly impossible, God-sized dream?

Proceeds from book sales benefit the FREEDOM TOUR, so you’ll be giving a gift that supports the kids at the HOME OF HOPE. Double win!

Both books are available for Amazon Kindle as well as paperback. You’ll find more information and links at our online store.

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