Dreams Are Messy

If it’s worth the effort, it’s likely didn’t happen the way you imagined. God-sized dreams are generally messy, difficult, and scary. It takes courage and trust to look beyond challenge to see opportunity. I love this video! I admire the sort of creativity that can capture and express an idea so powerfully and succinctly. I invite you […]

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Does The Process Matter?

Results-focused thinking is dangerous. Five years ago we were riding along the Mississippi River near Cape Girardeau, Missouri. A post called Traveling Well contrasted two rides and prompted some thoughts about current events. “It’s about the journey, not the result.” Thursday’s ride was about as routine as it gets. Straight roads, wide shoulders, a fair amount […]

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Day By Day

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos won the 2016 Nobel Peace Prize. You and I, and most of the people we know, won’t win a Nobel Prize. But every choice we make impacts others, often in ways we never see. Jon started walking a few years ago. Then running. Last week he ran a marathon. Rustin […]

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