I Measure The Wrong Stuff

I think a lot about the impact of this project.

I know what I want. I want you to catch the vision. I want you to see what we’re doing and get excited.

I want you to feel inspired, to ask, “How can I get in?”
share hope

I also want to know about our impact. Problem is, I can’t measure “catch the vision” or “feel inspired.” The stuff that matters most is always hardest to measure.

So we track less important items–who signed up, how much money, how many miles. Of course those aren’t why we do this, but they’re the stuff we can measure and report. And they matter.

But if I’m successful, you’ll watch this video and you’ll have to get involved. You’ll have to find a role on this team.

There’s a place for everyone. We have folks on our team who felt the itch for a couple of years before they finally decided to complete their application. Maybe that’s you.

Maybe you offer to serve by joining our support team and driving a SAG vehicle, or perhaps you’ll order one of our cool team jerseys or offer to sponsor a rider.

You or your company could be a team sponsor and get you logo on our jersey and team trailer.

The point is–there’s a spot for you in this community in which people are empowered to trust God, work together as servant leaders, and offer hope to others.

All you have to do is go to the website and find you role.

I’ll keep track and put it in a spreadsheet. But those numbers won’t be what matters.

What matters is how God uses this project to touch your heart and how, together, we touch the lives of the kids at Project Rescue’s Home of Hope.

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