Don’t Forget To Celebrate

I think when I ride.

Yesterday I realized I’ve been focused a lot on the future. A big part of this year has been about anticipating the next project, and I sense that perhaps I’ve been missing a lot of moments.


We’re about to hit the road for Wisconsin Hope Tour 2014. Another stretch of open, unfamiliar road, another hill with no idea what’s just over the top. I don’t want to spend the next month looking to the next day and missing what’s right here.

So I altered my workout. I decided to treat myself to a climb into the foothills above Fort Collins and a view from Horsetooth Reservoir.

There was a time when this climb was impossible for me, then it became merely very difficult. Yesterday I cranked up the grade fairly easily (though still slowly).

At the top, I purposely stopped and enjoyed the scene. I even took a selfie, which isn’t my style, and tried to capture a shot of the city 700 feet below over my shoulder. I wanted to remind myself that this moment mattered.

RICH’S RIDE takes us to a lot of amazing spots. I get to be outside, and even around my hometown I meet lots of interesting people. I don’t want to take any of that for granted. I don’t want to miss it because I’m busy looking for whatever’s next.

We all get busy. We plan and prepare, and if we’re not careful a lot of weeks and months and years pass by and we find ourselves looking back and wondering where they went.

All those years are comprised of moments, and one way to capture those moments is to stop annd savor them.

Don’t forget to celebrate.

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