What’s Going To Happen?

Taos LogoAs we’ve done a few of these tours I’ve learned that each one assumes its own unique character.

You’d think one long distance bike ride would be pretty much like another. But this is about something more than bike rides, so each time we take off it’s really a new adventure. As soon as we learn how to deal with the old stuff, new stuff happens.

One really interesting aspect of each tour is the way the speaking events develop. If you’ve followed along, you know the original Mississippi River Ride took us mostly to church-based venues. In Florida God opened a completely different set of doors and we spent most of our time outside the church walls in a lot of disability service groups.

So I’ve been sending out speaking information to all sorts of groups for TAOS TO TUCSON, and it’s curious to see how things are developing. I think I’m learning to be a bit more of an observer, to do what I can and then allow God to shape it to fit His plan rather than mine.

If you look at the calendar right now you’ll see it’s heavily loaded with community service groups. On previous tours we’ve been invited to only a few of those, so once again it’ll be something new. Of course a number of folks are still working on possible contacts, so things might change. It’s just interesting to watch it come together and wonder what God will do with all of it.

So what’s the message, for me and for you in whatever you’re up to?

Work as though the results depend on you. Remember the results are up to God. Pray accordingly.

Go ahead and plan. Set goals. Dream God-sized dreams and follow them with everything you’ve got. Write the best story you can write with your abilities.

Just remember: it’s not about you. It’s about service and love.

You can do your best and enjoy the ride without worrying about how it turns out.

God’s in charge of that part.

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