Why Do The Hard Work?

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Why Do The Hard Work?

SierraMy friend Alycia is in Sierra Leone this week.

She arranging micro-finance opportunities and working to connect on-the-ground organizations that help kids who live in absolutely deplorable conditions. She organized and financed the trip. It’s a difficult, dangerous place for a white woman to travel alone.

She might have selected a group mission trip to a relatively safe location. She chose a significantly more complex and uncertain task and a somewhat precarious destination. Many folks, even those who admire what she’s doing, wonder why Alycia would choose such a risky, unpredictable mission.

What do you think? Why would she choose hard rather than easy?

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Riding a bike 450 miles in a week is hard.

That’s exactly why we’re inviting you to join us for Front Range FREEDOM Tour 2013.

To paraphrase John F. Kennedy’s 1962 challenge to send a man to the moon, we do this, not because it’s easy, but precisely because it’s hard.

Hard takes you outside your comfort zone. Hard asks you to commit to something bigger than self and beyond preconceived, often self-imposed, limits.

I believe the riders who make this kind of commitment will intentionally open space for God to work in their hearts. I can’t predict what will happen as a group of individuals become a team through sweat and shared sacrifice. I’m only certain He won’t waste that space, that He’ll fill it with something powerful and life-altering.

Hard opens the door to possibility—the chance to discover something about myself, the prospect of new relationships, the opportunity to trust God in a new way.

Easy precludes possibility by demanding assured outcomes and turning away any prospect of failure—or meaningful achievement.

Possibility—that’s what makes the difficult work worth doing.

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