We Have A Team!

backOur team is set.

On June 22, ten cyclists will roll off on the inaugural stage of Front Range FREEDOM Tour 2013. During the next week we’ll crank along the gorgeous Colorado Rocky Mountain Front Range from Wyoming to New Mexico. On our backs we’ll proclaim our commitment to STOP HUMAN TRAFFICKING.

As we continue to follow this God-sized dream, we continue to learn that God always has new challenges for us. It’s one thing for Monte, Becky, and I to tour on our own or to join a team managed and organized by someone else. It’s another matter when we’re responsible for all the details that go into making something like this a success.

A team tour provides an adventure on multiple dimensions. There’s the obvious physical challenge of repeated 60-70 mile days through urban and rural areas over varied terrain. Then there’s the group dynamics, riding, eating, and sleeping with people as you get to know them. Our riders have different levels of touring experience and physical ability. They’re in different places in life and in their faith journeys.

Somehow, all of this gets mixed together in a pot of sweat and shared sacrifice for a cause in which we all believe.

It’s impossible to predict how a tour like this will play out. You can work out routes, hosts, SAG vehicles, and food, but every group assumes its own character. There’ll be laughter, frustration, flat tires, exhilaration, and likely some disappointment. That’s all inherent in any sort of challenge.

Most important, there’ll be opportunities to support the important work of U COUNT campaign and its partners. We can’t free the 27 million humans trapped in slavery, but we can help a few of them and let some people know more about this horrible injustice. We get to do that by riding bikes.

Pretty cool, huh?

Thanks for your continued support. Your presence in the circle is what makes this whole thing work.

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