This Is A Book Tour?

I recently described the beginning of my “book tour” to a friend.

Our itinerary includes a group of folks from a housing project, a school for disabled kids, and a ministry that serves homeless men. We’re going to one town where the entire population is about a third of our church.

My friend said, “Uh, Rich, you might be missing the point of a book tour. Those aren’t exactly prime venues for selling big piles of books.”

He’s right, about the book-selling part. We won’t necessarily sell tons of books in many of those places.

But if you’ve read the book, you get it. You know why Carbondale, Heartsong, Rolling Fork, and Grace Place are special, why they’re in the DNA of RICH’S RIDE.

We’re going to those places to reconnect with friends. We’re going because they were kind enough to invvite us back, because some of these are the very places that need our message of hope and possibility. In some ways, it feels like we’re going home. If you’ve read the book, you get it.

If you haven’t read the book…well, here’s the link to our store. You’re an important part of the circle. Maybe you need to know the story.

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