Ever Get The What-If’s?

What if an alligator attacks me in Florida?

What if I didn’t train enough?

What if the infection from two years ago suddenly returns?

What if people laugh at an old guy riding a handcycle around Florida?

At the beginning of a God-sized project, it’s easy to get a case of what-IF’S.

what-IF’S fall into some general categories:

  • Future stuff that’s unlikely to happen—and usually doesn’t
  • Stuff that already happened
  • Made-up stuff about health
  • Silly worries about the opinions of others (usually strangers)

So most of the what-IF’S direct attention to issues that don’t happen, already happened, or don’t matter. They’re wasted worry. We lose a good deal of sleep fussing about issues we cannot control or even influence.

what-IF we redirected all that energy toward genuine concerns on which we might actually have some impact?

You can try and fail because something went wrong.

Or you can not-try because you’re paralyzed by what-IF’S.

Only one option is a waste of God-given potential and denies God’s faithfulness.

I don’t want to allow my dream to be held hostage by stuff that happened yesterday and probably won’t happen tomorrow.


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