Mission: Demonstrate 2

In a thirty-five year teaching career, I learned many lessons from my students. Among them:

Kids may be reluctant to believe what you say, but they’re always ready to believe what you do.

It’s a life principle. Talk is cheap. Words matter little until you’re willing to “walk the talk.”

When I share the story of RICH’S RIDE, I want to inspire and encourage others to face their fears, live with courage, and follow big dreams. But those are cheap platitudes unless they’re backed up with behavior.

Like my students, I think people are touched by, respond to, actions.

That’s why our “official” mission statement begins with a “walk the talk” statement.

Demonstrate that it’s possible to overcome adversity and accomplish big dreams.

Demonstrate requires time. It’s about things like persistence and commitment. You can’t do it once—that’s an act. You are what you habitually do, in the little things, day after day, even when you don’t  realize anyone’s watching. That’s what others believe. That’s what changes hearts.

Demonstrate requires honesty. You have to share the stumbles, setbacks, and failures. People don’t want the illusion of perfection. They want to know it’s possible to face and overcome life’s inevitable challenges.

Demonstrate requires intentionality. You have to consciously consider important principles and be aware of opportunities to practice.

Demonstrate requires humility. It can seem like a “look at how great I am” attitude, but that’s not what I’m after at all. I want to share the struggles, and hopefully some victories, as a real guy tries to live out a dream. RICH’S RIDE isn’t about Rich, and it isn’t about a Ride.

How does this fit for you? In your efforts to be a great parent or spouse? As you seek to contribute productively in your work? In your contributions to church and community?

How is “demonstrate” a part of your mission?

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