A Year Ago…

…we were in the middle of the adventure called RICH’S RIDE.

Hard to imagine. Our hectic culture is all about the demands of now and the pressures of what’s next. Too often we forget to look back and recall the gift of our story.

A whole year?

Life moves on, but it’s hard to believe four seasons have passed since we departed from Lake Itasca. I can taste the crispness of that Minnesota morning, the excitement and anticipation of beginning the journey of a lifetime.

The whole experience feels so fresh—kind, generous people, inspiring stories, amazing places, the circle of love and support surrounding us as we traveled. There’s a spot in my heart where the events of that journey live in every present moment.

Only a year?

So much has happened as the journey of hope continues—a new book, our July ride with IJM Freedom Tour, and the decision to continue the journey with future rides. Hard to imagine we crammed all that into twelve short months.

  • RICH’S RIDE: Hope Changes What’s Possible will release in December. You can read some manuscript excerpts. I’d love to hear your comments.
  • Florida Hope Tour 2013 promises new opportunities and challenges. I’m excited to write another chapter in this unlikely story.

I’m grateful for your presence in the circle. I look forward to hearing from you as we write the next episodes together.

A dream is a story waiting to be written.

A dream offers an opportunity to travel an unexplored path toward the remarkable and follow a vision that’s audacious and scary and completely outrageous. A dream invites you to follow your passions and gifts, to write an amazing story of service to others. You’re the author; the pages are the hours and days of your life. The words are the choices with which you fill those pages.

You write an amazing story by choosing to follow the dream.

(RICH’S RIDE: Hope Changes What’s Possible)

Let’s savor the gift of our story, remembering the chapters that got us here and resolving to write amazing words on the pages of days to come.

What were you up to a year ago? How has that story impacted your journey?

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