RICH’S RIDE: Hope Changes What’s Possible

is an inspiring true story about what can happen when we stop believing in impossible.

On a crisp September morning, Rich Dixon began his pursuit of a decade-long dream. As he climbed onto his specially designed cycle at remote Lake Itasca State Park in Northern Minnesota, Rich prepared to challenge everything he thought he’d learned about the limitations of life in a wheelchair. During the next eight weeks he pedaled 1500 miles along the Mississippi River to the Gulf of Mexico—using only his arms.

Along the route, Rich met inspirational characters and heard extraordinary stories of ordinary people who faced fear, overcame adversity, and moved forward with confidence in God’s promises. These stories remind us of what’s possible when we remember God sees abilities, not disabilities.

Through this inspiring true story you’ll see what it’s like to sit at the bottom of an impossible hill…and then crank to the top. You’ll learn that what you can’t do doesn’t have to keep you from doing what you can do.

Discover the story of your own God-sized dream as you read the encouraging account of Rich’s Ride.

Rich Dixon taught math to teenagers for thirty-five years. Following a freak accident and a paralyzing spinal cord injury, he returned to his classroom and searched for meaning within a broken body and a seemingly shattered life.

After twenty-five years in a wheelchair, Rich has discovered that limitations are mostly self-imposed.

Rich lives with his wife, Becky, and his service dog, Monte, in Fort Collins, Colorado.

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What Others Say

Rich’s Ride demonstrates that difficult circumstances don’t have to define us in a negative way. Rich’s dream to help others in spite of his own circumstance generates hope and healing.I’m so thankful Convoy of Hope became friends with Rich. By handcycling down the Mississippi River, he raised money to feed children in our programs in seven countries throughout the world, and inspired countless people to make a difference in the world. My hope is that Rich’s story will inspire you to do great things. The kinds of things that are beyond you … The kinds of things that can change the world … The kinds of things that tell the world that with hope anything is possible.
Dick Foth
Author, Speaker, Pastor
Timberline Church,  Fort Collins, Co
National Community Church
Washington DC
Hal Donaldson
Founder and President
Convoy of Hope
 Rich gives us poignant Instagram photos of delight, challenges, encounters, scenery, soulful introspection–and lessons–life lessons–for all of us. He does an amazing job of capturing you with the clarity and color of the journey. He then does something sneaky and continuously salts you with theological truth and biblical wisdom. I found myself pausing over and over again, having to reflect and consider the biblical principle that just sideswiped me. (Read complete review)
Gary Runn
Executive Director for Leadership Development, Cru

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  6. […] I wrote a book, creatively titled RICH’S RIDE: Hope Changes What’s Possible. The video you just watched allowed us to collaborate with Kristin Orphan and her Finally Home […]

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