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Developing Resilience: Optimism And The 8000/2000 Principle

An optimist looks at a piece of moldy bread and sees penicillin. Leonard was tired of my endless complaining. More than a year after my accident I still invested more energy in seeking sympathy than working to get better. He was sick of my lousy attitude. Leonard was the latest …

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Developing Resilience: Creativity

“Curiosity has its own reason for existing.” – Albert Einstein. I’ve been thinking a bit (an unusual and dangerous development) about the notion of overcoming adversity. As a paraplaegic, I’m often asked questions like: How did you deal with it? How did you get past it? What helped you move …

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Developing Resilience: Perseverance

In the confrontation between the stream and the rock, the stream always wins – not through strength, but through persistence. Do you recall waiting in long lines to get your driver’s license?

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Becoming Resilient

“How do you develop resilience?” We were discussing an approaching event at which I’ll speak to a group of nonprofit leaders about the notion of confronting and overcoming adversity.

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Trapped Behind An Open Door

I like to read bumper stickers. I think there’s something clever about expressing an important bit of philosophy in a few memorable words and convincing someone to display your wisdom on their car. I saw a catchy phrase yesterday that summarized the way I seem to live a good deal …

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Where’d He Go?

An odd thing happened. Monday arrived, and Easter apparently became one more family holiday memory. Taxes and tea parties dominated public discourse, and bitter bickering resumed. Echoed cries of “HE IS RISEN INDEED” faded into oblivion.

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Blame Or Response-ability

Name it and Blame it. Doesn’t mean you solved it, nor owned it, nor changed it. Grace McGarvie   Blame has apparently replaced baseball as America’s pastime. The burning question of the day is, “Whose fault is it?” I understand. From my permanent seat in a wheelchair I’ve wasted countless hours …

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Is This Who I Think It Is?

If you’ve read RELENTLESS GRACE, you understand the varied levels of significance embedded in the question, “Is this who I think it is?”

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Watch and Pray

Good Friday is an awkward day for me. It’s the day set aside to commemorate Jesus’ suffering and horrific, tortuous death by crucifixion. In perfect obedience and service to God, Christ humbly, willingly walked the final steps of the path to the cross. His pre-ordained act of self-sacrificial love, planned …

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Wasted Worry

If you can imagine the worst–and see the possibility in it–you have turned a corner. Everything begins to shift. Worry is transformed into creativity.  Michael Hyatt Are you as burned out on negativity as I am? I’ve basically stopped watching television news. My radio mostly blares mindless sports talk these …

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The Mob

Palm Sunday–the day the Jews welcomed Jesus with cheers and celebration. This is a special day for Christians, the beginning of Holy Week. It’s a bittersweet day on which immediate joy mingles with the knowledge of impending disaster.

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Where Are You Going?

My wife and I received an interesting invitation a few days ago. A friend asked if we had anywhere to go for Easter.