How Do Diverse Teams Work?

teamLast week we talked about the mysterious process of Gathering A Team.

Some people believe it’s possible to manipulate the process and manage the results. I disagree. I think the best you can do is create the right environment and enjoy what happens.

We begin with a shared purpose. We’re riding our bikes 500 miles to:

  • Raise awareness about the crime of human trafficking.
  • Raise funds to pay the yearly operating costs for Project Rescue’s HOME OF HOPE in New Delhi.

We establish a few simple principles:

  • We’re a team—nobody rides alone.
  • We’re riding to write a story that’s a lot bigger than ourselves.
  • Safety first, second, and third.
  • We operate as a team of servant leaders.

(Note: This isn’t about teams formed for the primary purpose of competition. We all know winning as the goal radically changes the dynamics.)

The whole idea is to avoid or minimize rules, because we’re not playing a game.

Then, within this minimal structure, a bunch of people with diverse physical abilities and spiritual journeys come together. The diversity’s the fun, unpredictable part.

Diverse teams and communities are stronger and more resilient. Members have more opportunity to learn, mentor, lead, grow, and challenge each other. A diverse team offers occasions to demonstrate humility and service as well as leadership. It’s the picture of the body from 1 Corinthians 12.

Of course, that famous chapter also states the most basic principle:

Everyone gets treated with dignity and respect.

We’re all in different places. Some crank easily up the steepest hill and do 100 miles in a day with a smile. Others aren’t there yet; we’ll ride slower, rest more frequently, and use the SAG vehicle on tough stretches.

Some aren’t quite sure about God, some have walked closely with Him for a very long time.

So in this community we all figure out how to be ourselves and express our individuality while serving others and respecting their needs.

It’s messy, just like anything that involves people.

And it’s gonna be a blast!

# # #

Home 1Today also brings the first update of MILES OF LOVE, our team’s effort to fill a house with miles as we train for our tour.

It’s been a tough week—a freak snowstorm kept a bunch of us off the roads for a few days. However, here’s week #1.

Every mile represents our commitment to do what we can, where we are, with what we have to serve the kids at the HOME OF HOPE.

Thanks for being part of the circle that makes this story possible.

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